Nope – you’re not being selfish. Your well being helps everyone out.

You do these deeds all the time. Pat yourself on the back

They are there for you and you are there for them. It goes round and round.

It’s the beautiful sense of possibility. The end point is not the thank you.

This one ripples out. Daily, monthly, maybe for the next 100 years.

Aim to do at least
one good deed in
each category each day

• a good deed for oneself

• a good deed for a family member

• a good deed for a friend

• a good deed for others (someone you don’t know)

• a good deed for the earth

5 Good Deeds is a guilt free, no cost, non-burdensome, no obligation, hopeful way to maintain our awareness of our good intentions. 

5 Good Deeds shines a light on positive daily achievements and rewards each of us for our good decisions no matter how inconsequential they might seem.

5 Good Deeds shows us that every good deed we do for our planet intimately benefits oneself, family members, friends and others. Anything that benefits us as individuals also helps the planet.

By adopting a 5 Good Deeds approach to our day, we act in concert with the Earth’s complex and eloquent ecosystem of which we play an integral part.

5 Good Deeds highlights a can-do attitude rather than a no-hope agenda, helping us move forward in making our world a better place.

The Our Earth Every Day Community recognizes the thorny issues we face, but we have changed the lens through which we view them.

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Our intention is to engage the very best of what we humans do.

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