Community Submission Guidelines

We would love to hear from you! Here’s how to join in the celebration.

We consider anyone concerned about the health of the earth, who visits the Our Earth Every Day website, and who joins our private social space, the Community Conversation, to be part of our Community. Feel free to visit the website and see what we are up to. However, if you would like to become involved in the conversation your voice is important and we want to hear from you.  We are hoping that you will really get fired up to add your ideas of inspiration and action.

If you would like to share, here is what we are looking for:

  • Ideas that benefit the Earth
  • Good Deeds you have done or observed
  • Celebration Ideas
  • General comments, suggestions, or questions
  • Personal and community initiatives

Your submissions can be in the form of posts on the Community Conversation.  Your submissions can also be ideas you share through our Submissions page on our website or by email.  This includes blogs, articles, podcasts, book reviews, videos and other media.

We are looking for content that is: 

  • Inspiring
  • Optimistic
  • Creative
  • Educational
  • Actionable

And we wouldn’t mind a bit if it’s also humorous, imaginative, and fires us up!

If you are sharing something with us through our Submissions page, we do appreciate the submission.  We are excited to hear what you had you say. Please keep in mind that we receive quite a few entries and share the ones that we can.  

If you have not heard from us within seven days of your submission please accept our thanks, but we are not able to use the entry at this time. And it does not mean that it is not an awesome submission, just that it may be better served on another platform.

Be Nice… Be Kind… Be Respectful

Our Earth Every Day is a let’s-roll-our-sleeves-up-and-get-going-there-is work-to-be-done, we-got-this, can-do, and its-going-to-be-fun sort of platform. It is not top-down, guilt-up or point-at.  We have an optimistic outlook, but we are not Pollyannas. The Our Earth Every Day Community recognizes the thorny issues that we face, but we have changed the lens through which we view them.

Your submissions should be in alignment with the Our Earth Every Day Intention and Mission statements which are further elaborated in the Frequently Asked Questions found on the About page of the website, as well as the statements throughout the rest of the website.

In addition to the website, we offer a private social space that is free to join where your data is not mined and you will not receive requests for donations, nor will you encounter advertising.  Your obligation to the rest of the Community is that your submissions and posts are in keeping with the Our Earth Every Day values that you find throughout the website.

Please keep your posts in line with the following principles:

  • Our Earth Every Day has a profoundly different perspective. The mission is to spotlight the Power of You – to seek your ideas and actions which impact our world in a positive manner.
  • Our Earth Every Day is about “Every Day” people and our grass roots efforts as individual experts. Ours is not a platform for the famous, this one is for us!
  • Our Earth Every Day highlights and appreciates what “Every Day” people, from 4 to 104 years of age, all over the world are doing even if some might consider the effort small.
  • Our Earth Every Day has the attitude that we can accomplish mighty things through our personal actions. And, in recognizing that each of us is a part of a community, we draw strength for our efforts from the collaboration with others.
  • Our Earth Every Day seeks to be the site where you come to have your sometimes-flagging spirit bolstered. Our spirit is positive and collaborative – no guilting, no gnashing of teeth, no animosity, no overwhelming angst nor despair. Those perspectives and emotions certainly haven’t gotten us very far very fast. But as Shakespeare noted, we are “burning daylight” so let’s get this party started. We hope to help you find your passion, and to engage in your mission through the worthy projects that we share.
  • Our Earth Every Day shines a light on positive achievements being done or easily incorporated into our daily routines, focuses on the can-do rather than a no-hope agenda, and rewards each of us for our good decisions no matter how inconsequential they might seem, helping us to be assured that we can move forward in making our world a better place.

In keeping with the intent and mission for all the people of the world, we respectfully ask that submissions which are better expressed on other platforms not be included on Our Earth Every Day. This would include the worthy subjects of politics, money or religion which can best be expressed on the many other accessible advocacy venues.

The Our Earth Every Day editorial staff is committed to the integrity, optimism and call to positive action expressed on the Our Earth Every Day website and Community Conversation. From time to time, posts may be taken down if they are felt not to be in keeping with the Our Earth Every Day collaborative focus, even if the staff might agree with the content.  These entries might be better served on an alternative platform and we encourage any such member of the Community to submit their contribution to an alternative platform.

The staff at Our Earth Every Day requests that all Community members maintain a perspective of collaboration and positive interaction.  Any who choose to vary from the Our Earth Every Day values, which includes respectful balanced dialogue, will lose the privilege of participation.

Arrgh …

Now we must get to baseline specifics. Anyone who does not adhere to the following conditions for submissions and posts will lose the privilege of participation.
Submissions and posts must comply with the following:

  • Do not submit or post anything on this site that you would not say or do in public with witnesses including those people you hold most dear.
  • Kindness in speech and deed is a must.
  • Do not post private information.
  • No pretending to be someone other than yourself.
  • Treat everyone on this site in the manner you would wish to be treated. No degrading posts of anyone-at any time-for any reason!
  • No advertising posts, scams, spam posts, or self-promotion.
  • All clothing must be retained at all times and no explicit or implicit sexual content.
  • Duh, no-brainer, no posts of illegal activity or harming of others.

The following are the General Guidelines which also apply to each of the media specific guidelines:

  • You retain the rights to your submission.  At a later date, you may request in writing that the submission be removed from the site, which we will do in a timely manner.
  • In submitting your entry, you are giving Our Earth Every Day permission to post your entry. You also agree that Our Earth has permission to make small edits.
  • In submitting your entry, you are agreeing that Our Earth Every Day has permission to use the submission in whole or in part in any area of the Our Earth Every Day website or the Community Conversation.
  • We have limited staff so please check your entry for correct spelling, grammar and the accuracy of your facts.
  • In submitting your entry, you are assuring us that it is your original work and not copied from any other source and that you attest to the accuracy of the facts.

Media specific guidelines include these General Guidelines above as well as these additional guidelines:

Photo Guidelines:

  • Clear pictures shot with a smart phone or high-resolution camera
  • Photo shot in landscape rather than portrait orientation
  • Photo preferably as a jpeg file
  • Do not submit any images of people other than you unless you have their permission to do so.
  • Do not submit photos under copyright unless you are the owner of the copyright.

Video guidelines:

  • Not more than 5 minutes long
  • Clear shot videos shot with a smart phone or high-resolution camera
  • Video shot in landscape rather than portrait orientation (when possible)
  • Do not submit any images of people other than you unless you have their permission to do so.
  • Do not submit photos under copyright unless you are the owner of the copyright.

Blog entries:

  • Between 350 to 650 words


  • Limited to approximately 5 minutes

By submitting content to the Our Earth Every Day, you affirm that you have read and will comply with the Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions found on the website. 

Whew… now let’s get back to the good stuff.  We hope you have a marvelous time on the site. We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing great ideas as we all work together to preserve this precious planet.