Community Kitchen Kits

Do you have excess kitchen items cluttering your cabinets or gathering dust in storage? Imagine what it would mean to someone just moved in to permanent housing after experiencing homelessness to walk in to a fully stocked kitchen and have the ability to make home cooked meals for their family.  That’a exactly what Nicola Berlinsky is helping people do with Community Kitchen Kits.

Based in Los Angeles, CA (a state with the highest percentage of people in the US experiencing homelessness as well as 70% of those people living unsheltered) Community Kitchen Kits builds and delivers complete kitchen kits for people moving into permanent housing after experiencing housing insecurity. Community members donate and organize recycled kitchen wares, helping keep unused, yet useful items out of our landfills, offering assistance to those in the community facing challenging times, and connecting with members of the greater community around a common goal.

This project is a beautiful example of one caring individual creating a very simple, effective and easily replicable way to be part of the solution. Please reach out to Nicola if you’d like to donate kitchen wares, time or funding to help her efforts – or if you’re interested in creating a Community Kitchen Kits project in your community.