Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Earth Every Day is a “grass roots” (we prefer the term “tree roots”) effort to connect people who are dedicated to protecting and healing our planet through great ideas, organizations and resources. 
  • Our Earth Every Day seeks to reassure you that every positive deed that you do for our earth, or any of its inhabitants, makes a difference. 
  • Our Earth Every Day will inspire you to continue your efforts. Further, if you are looking for inspiration for doing other good deeds, we share ideas and information from those who are creatively and compassionately pitching in to help their environment and neighbors. 
  • Our Earth Every Day offers a platform for people to connect with others to share the spark of creative ideas and the joy of collaborative accomplishment.

Every action that you take does make a difference. Just as an ocean is created from many drops of water, every act of kindness flows together to benefit the Earth, our people, and the plants and animals that share the bounty of this beautiful planet.

  • Our Earth Every Day attracts individuals and groups who wish to make a positive impact for the Earth and those of us who travel on it.  
  • The Our Earth Every Day Community shares the message of hope, reassurance, humor and the value of positive sustainable actions. 
  • Participants in the Our Earth Every Day Community often find that they are inspired to share their unique deeds, in turn inspiring the rest of us with their earth-based initiatives and compassionate projects.
  • Our Earth Every Day has a profoundly different perspective. The mission is to spotlight the Power of One -to seek the positive actions that each of us can do (and often already are doing) to impact our world in a positive manner.
  • Our Earth Every Day emphasizes that each of us possesses the positive energy, actions and ideas that are vital to changing our world, rather than focusing on platforms which present experts and top-down information. 
  • Our Earth Every Day highlights and appreciates what “Every Day” people are doing even if some might consider the effort small.         
  • Our Earth Every Day has the attitude that we can accomplish mighty things through our personal actions. And, in recognizing that each of us is a part of a community, we draw strength for our efforts from the collaboration with others.   
  • Our Earth Every Day is a let’s-roll-our-sleeves-up-and-get-going-there-is work-to-be-done, we-got-this, can-do, and its-going-to-be-fun sort of platform.
  • Our Earth Every Day seeks to be the site where you come to have your sometimes flagging spirit bolstered. Our spirit is positive – no guilting, no gnashing of teeth, no overwhelming angst nor despair. Those emotions certainly haven’t gotten us very far very fast. We hope to help you find your passion, and to engage in your mission through the worthy projects that we share.

We are different in that we are providing a platform of collaboration, knowledge, and enlightenment in a unique way – we are connecting the “drops of water” of individual action into streams and rivers of positive achievement.

Becoming a part of Our Earth Every Day is timely because many of us want a sustainable way to systematize our positive actions on behalf of the earth and all who dwell therein.  

  • Those of us who feel that a sense of optimism and a means of transferring that optimism into daily sustainable action are in need of a way to connect our efforts.
  • What better way to serve the concept of kindness to our fellow man than to work together for the common good by combining our efforts to honor, protect and restore our earth?
  • We are witnessing concurrent growth of awareness of environmental issues on a global basis and technological advancement enabling global interlinkage of diverse environmental actions and initiatives. 
  • Our Earth Every Day seeks to focus our attention each and every day, all year long, every year, on the beauty and needs of the earth. Our Earth Every Day collects, archives, and shares ideas for simple acts of kindness that help each other, ourselves and the planet on a daily basis.
  • Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 each year, was launched over 50 years ago. Each year this awesome day of celebration and appreciation brings world-wide focused attention to the beauty and needs of the earth.  The annual awareness and actions that Earth Day inspires lends itself toward larger initiatives that are initiated or focused on April 22 each year.
  • Our Earth Every Day emphasizes the daily practice of performing good deeds for the earth and its inhabitants in order to send positive energy into the world every day. 
  • 5 Good Deeds is a means by which to maintain our awareness on our good intentions.  In our busy lives, it is easy to lose focus. As you adopt a 5 Good Deeds approach to every day – one for Yourself, one for Family, a Friend, Others, and the Earth – each of us acts in concert with the Earth’s complex and eloquent ecosystem of which we play an integral part.
  • The value proposition of 5 Good Deeds is unique in its simplicity, ease of action, positive engagement, encouragement and creativity.  The proposition is compelling because 5 Good Deeds shines a light on positive achievements being done or easily incorporated into our daily routines, focuses on the can-do rather than a no-hope agenda, and rewards each of us for our good decisions no matter how inconsequential they might seem, helping us to be assured that we can move forward in making our world a better place.
  • That’s not a problem at all!  The approach is guilt free, without obligation, not burdensome, hopeful, fun, and motivating. 
  • We came up with the notion of a daily practice of doing 5 Good Deeds as a means of keeping our good intentions at the forefront of our awareness.
  • Even if, on a given day, you only perform 4 good deeds, perhaps even 3 good deeds, 2 good deeds or 1 good deed you have contributed. 
  • If you are visiting our website you are very likely performing kind acts toward people and already involved in environmentally sustaining acts, even though you might not have realized it. 
  • So please celebrate what you are doing that contributes to the good of humanity and the planet and if our other Our Earth Every Day participants inspire you, add on a few more. Together we can change Our Earth more and more Every Day if we join hands to celebrate.
  • We live on the earth in an interconnected ecosystem. The earth is connected to people and animals. Animals are connected to people and the earth. People are connected to each other, animals and the earth.  We aren’t separate.  Every person, every animal, every part of the planet has value.
  • We exist in an interconnected field.  Intergenerational – a baby is connected to an elder.  Food is connected to the body.  Cleanliness of water is connected to all of us.  The health of the planet affects people, and the health of people affects the planet.
  • Our Earth Every Day defines those we serve as interconnected – people, animals and plants, and the planet.  
  • Fractals are interesting mathematical formulations which are infinitely complex yet highly patterned – a great metaphor for the complexity of the earth. If you are interested, try doing an internet search on the topic.

 “Even in pausing once a day to do something kind for the planet, each of us can raise our awareness of its beauty and of the Earth’s amazingly complex and eloquently intertwined ecosystem of which we play an integral part. Much like a constantly moving fractal, each part of Earth’s ecosystem mirrors and supports both the next and the previous interconnected components of life.” T.M.

  • There are millions of people who are already doing good deeds for the earth and all its inhabitants every day.  Many people have adopted sustainable habits, but with greater, daily awareness more earth friendly options can be incorporated.
  • People are doing great things through small actions. We are shining a light on these helpful and inspiring actions and creating a platform for sharing the ideas and actions on a global scale. 
  • What we shine a light on we see with clarity.
  • Our goal is to collect, archive and share ideas for acts that help ourselves, others and the planet. We direct a spotlight on those who inspire us through their positive actions.  
  • We envision people connecting through a dynamic and robust technology platform. Our Earth Every Day  website inclusions will be comprised of video content created by and shared with the community, a selection of book offerings, online courses/webinars, guest speakers/authors for videos, blogs, and podcasts, a wealth of free educational resources, established organizational partners and supporters via 5 Good Deeds and Our Earth Every Day certifications, and an annual Our Earth Every Day celebration event bringing the community together.
  • Explore our website and enjoy the content we are highlighting.  Hopefully you find it enlightening and useful for your own life.
  • If you celebrate good acts for the earth and its people, you are already a part of this community
  • If you would like to become more actively involved with us send us your story.  What are you doing to maintain your focus on your good intentions? What fun ideas have you had that you can share? Have you seen acts of kindness others are doing that you can share? 
  • And if you want to, be aware of your kind deeds each day as part of the 5 Good Deeds idea.   
  • Spread the word to others about what we are doing!
  • As the proposition starts with the grass roots of individual action, Our Earth Every Day will then work to build on community efforts which can be applied regionally then globally. 
  • This project can help every person, animal, plant, and the entirety of the earth itself.  It is not limiting, it’s big from the start, and it can build as more contribute to it. 
  • This is for everyone and there is beauty in its broadness.