Sharing Home Cooked Meals & Garden Veggies

Because of the pandemic, many folks in our community are on a reduced work schedule – or have been furloughed indefinitely – and are struggling to make ends meet. We also have several friends who are elderly and even more home-bound than usual these days – so I wanted to do something tangible and immediate to help.  I love to cook, so it seemed a no-brainer to just double a soup recipe, to roast an extra chicken, to make an extra apple tart.. or two.. or 32!  So in recent weeks, we’ve been making “meals-on-wheels” deliveries to friends in need, and even to the local food pantry.  We’re also planning – and planting – a huge vegetable garden right now, and we look forward this summer to delivering and donating fresh greens and other produce to our friends and neighbors.

Marc Harrington & Edward Guffey

  • Pawlet, Vermont