Return of a Lost Dog

My friend Justin wrote to me about a good deed he did while on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico:

“I recently took a weekend trip to Santa Fe and stayed at this great hotel off the square. My room had a nice patio that overlooked the pool. When I got back to my room from sightseeing there was a dog outside. I have no idea how it got there but apparently it had been there for a while because there was poop everywhere. The temp was about 10 degrees at the time and the dog was shivering so I opened the door immediately and it came right in. He then hung out in the corner of my hotel room. I notified the hotel staff and they found the owners who were out and about but were headed back to take care of their pet. Sweet dog but super timid so I just let him chill out with me until the owners showed up. The owners retrieved their dog and followed up by sending this bottle of wine to my room in appreciation.”

Justin is always doing good things for others, and I know he didn’t think twice about doing this nor did he expect a thank you. But I am sure the wine was much appreciated –  there were good deeds flowing all around that day! 

Chris Chappell

  • a story from my friend Justin
  • - Santa Fe, New Mexico