Ecuador Food Donations

My partner Carlos and I traveled to Ecuador just before the pandemic and had to stay quarantined in a small fishing village rather than return home to Vermont. After a few weeks a man came to the house in need of food and we decided to give $100 to the local community center to help. We also began giving dog food, as the local dogs are the last to eat. Starting with only $100 and a wish to make life easier for our neighbors, this has turned into a weekly donation of $300 thanks to contributions from friends. More volunteers come every week waiting to donate their time to organize and distribute food. We never dreamed it would blossom into such a beautiful act of love. So many people happy for the food and happier yet are the donors who see and share our project with their friends (many whom I’ve never met) who quickly donate too. This simple act has filled us with hope, gratitude and a vision brighter than we imagined. I am so honored and humbly thank you from all of us in this little village in Ecuador. Love wins!!!

This 5 Good Deed was contributed by Patti Weisser– Cadeate, Ecuador