The Lane

What communities are you a part of? 

In June of 2019 my wife, two sons, the family dog, and I made a cross country move back to Massachusetts from California and landed on a small, quiet road in a medium sized city. “The Lane” as we call it, is unique in that it is surrounded by preserved land with forests, streams, a working farm, and a pond.  A slice of country living right in the city.

We immediately felt a sense of community on the lane as our neighbors were friendly and welcoming.  All of us on the lane take pride in where we live, picking up trash and keeping things clean, meeting up at the beach on the pond for a swim in the summer or some ice fishing in the winter, and pitching in to help each other out with projects at each other’s houses.

I hope everyone has a chance to live in a community of people like this wherever they are.  Or set out to create one!  Ours came together because we all live on the same small lane in the city.  Can you connect with your neighbors on your street, city block, or area?  Maybe get together once a month to do something fun and possibly beneficial to your community?

I hope you have a chance to enjoy a community where good deeds flow back and forth and people are inspired to help each other and really the earth itself.

This 5 Good Deed was contributed by Chris Chappell– Worcester, MA