Neighborhood Mother’s Day Gift

Every Mother’s Day at my church, women are offered a single rose. Due to Shelter in Place protocol this past year, it was obviously not possible to be together. I’m missing that attention and social connection, and this time of year is difficult for me having spent a last Mother’s Day with my younger daughter and then losing her in a fatal accident May 31, 1999. I then began thinking of the women in my neighborhood who are single or widowed and unable to spend time with their adult children. I asked my husband to buy roses at the market and then shared them with my neighbors, with a mask, of course. It was a small gesture and made me realize how I’m missing being able to volunteer in our interfaith pantry and hospice. These times require innovative ways to contribute. It did feel good to see the roses so well-received.

This 5 Good Deed was contributed by Judy Peterson– Petaluma, California