Thanks for dropping by to see what Our Earth Every Day is up to!

Celebrate: to gather to acknowledge, honor, mark, salute or commemorate a significant or happy event. Otherwise, each day, month, or year flows together unnoticed.

Here is why we think there is cause to celebrate:

• You are already doing great things, even if you had not noticed.
• You have shown up here, and we are hoping you will join in the celebration.

As you begin to notice the kind deeds that you automatically do, e.g., opening a door for someone struggling; or smiling because you know that your eyes crinkling in greeting will make another person feel less isolated, you also notice that your attitude shifts toward optimism and shared experience.

The Our Earth community believes that when we engage our imaginations, creativity, and are rightfully convinced that each of us can and are making a difference, we shift our internal dialogue to “let’s-roll-our-sleeves-up-there-is-work-to-be-done, we-got-this, can-do-and-it’s-going-to-be-fun.”

But wait there is more to celebrate:

• There are a bunch of us already celebrating as we find inspiration in shared goals.
• We are here to be the conduit through which to bring our collective voices together.

When we recognize and seek out the community of others who are also shifting their dialogue and perspective, our combined efforts are unstoppable. Like an old-fashioned barn raising wherein a large group of people come together, each working in concert, the barn is built quickly, well and everyone has a ton of fun doing it.

Not to reinvent the wheel, we can adopt the wisdom of the ancient Greeks as noted by John Heyward in 1546, “Many hands make light work”.

Please add your ideas as we come up with great ways to keep Earth on our daily radar.

We want the events to be meaningful but full of all the good parts of what it is to be a human – laughter, dance, shared experience, singing, listening to music, deep personal reflection, beauty, joy, curiosity and wonder…

For a start, let’s populate a calendar of events that celebrates our earth, including astronomical events such as the equinoxes and solstices, special moons (e.g., the really big ones that come close to the earth), eclipses, and the holidays of wisdom traditions that celebrate the earth.  And we can offer great ideas to each other for wonderful in-person events and gatherings as well.  Of course a daily dollop of good cheer through 5 Good Deeds and visiting each other virtually in the Community is always a reason to celebrate. 

Add your voice. Help us with the plan: be serious, be silly, be you.
We can’t wait to meet you!